Monday, December 13, 2010

Tattoos Designs| Foot Tattoos

The most common foot tattoo for women but guys do make them, too. There are so many tattoo designs for women and men. Regardless you have to choose a tattoo that reflects your style and personality.
The most common place for a tattoo was on foot but some choose to get your feet tattooed. A tattoo on the single will not be as sharp detail or color as one of the upper leg. Keep in mind that a tattoo on the sole is much more difficult to treat than in the upper leg.
Some tattoo artists will not even tattoo your feet because the hood of the possibility that maybe was not satisfactory. Therefore you must choose a veteran artist with experience in this field. You also have to communicate with your artist to make sure that everything is perfectly clear. You also can ask the artist to wear a temporary tattoo to ensure that you not only like the placement but will be satisfied with the design as well.
Whatever you do, you must follow the care instructions to the letter. A foot tattoo can be the most difficult to care within the first few days. Type of tattoo is more susceptible to infection and should be treated with extra precautions.
If you work, you must get a tattoo since Friday, possibly to allow for treatment and healing time over the weekend before returning to work on Monday.

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